Monday, January 12, 2009

Cleaning up!

I am always inspired by the cleaning tips, motivation, and organization over at the Hyper Homemaker. I got a label maker and slew of new Lock and Lock storage containers in all different sizes for Christmas, so I knew it was finally time to get a hold on the mess in my pantry and cabinet. I included the cabinet because I store some things in there that I use while cooking (breadcrumbs and such) and some baking items (cocoa powder, baking powder, etc), but store all the reserves for those items in the pantry. That was making it hard to keep track of what I had when it was time to go to the store. Now things are placed together and I reproritized what goes in the cabinet (in the kitchen) or the pantry (a short walk away).

Here is the cabinet before...

And after!

Note: the upper right is what happens when you ask your husband to pick up some butterscotch chips when he goes to the grocery store...

Here is the pantry before and after:


  1. WOW!!!! Your pantry looks AWESOME!!! I love it!! :) :) Mmmm.... lock&lock ::drooling::

  2. Wow! Impressive cleaning and organizing. I am totally on the market for some Lock and Lock containers. Ours (cheap) containers are in pretty bad shape.