Monday, December 7, 2009

Baked Shrimp with Tomatoes and Feta

This is another quick, easy, delicious dish, inspired by Everyday Food Magazine.  The original recipe was part of a two days, two meals type of menu, where sauce made on the first day is reserved and used the next day in a different dish.  I wasn't making the first meal in this series, so I adapted the recipe to work with what I had on hand.  The dish came together in the time it took the broiler to heat up, and then baked in about 10 minutes - perfect for a hectic day or when you just don't want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  We served it with steamed broccoli.

I had to broil mine a little longer than the recipe suggested to cook the shrimp, so my feta got a little... black in the process.  In the recipe below, I've adjusted the instructions to add the feta after the shrimp have baked for a few minutes, to keep it from burning.  Between the capers, olives, and feta, the dish is on the salty side, so cut back on those ingredients if that's a concern for you.

Baked Shrimp with Tomatoes and Feta
Adapted from Everyday Food Magazine
Serves 2-3

8 ounces (1/2 pound) large shrimp, peeled and deveined
1/2 cup marinara sauce
1/2 cup chopped tomatoes
2 tsp capers
2 tsp chopped kalamata olives
3 ounces feta cheese, crumbled

Preheat broiler. Combine sauce, tomatoes, capers and olives in a small bowl.  In a broiler safe 1.5 quart baking dish, layer shrimp then sauce.  Broil 5 minutes.  Top with feta crumbles, broil an additional 3-5 minutes until shrimp are opaque throughout and feta is golden brown.


  1. YUM! That looks so easy and I seriously love anything with marinara and olives. :)

  2. i will definitely be trying this one. sounds yummy.